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Do you smell it? Yes, my friend, that´s the sweet smell of your success. Your real estate business is a well-oiled machine and prospective clients flock to you in droves, because you are the realtor who can fulfill their real estate dreams for buying and selling a home.  Remember how you made the dream real? You did it by generating leads and you managed and cultivated those leads wisely.  You never, ever miss an opportunity. Let´s review how you did it:

You engaged potential clients by having a comprehensive FAQ page on your website and by writing blogs, using these typical homebuyer questions and responses. Buyers always have questions and you have positioned yourself as the “go-to” realtor who has all the answers, easily listed on your website.

You are ready 24/7 and it is easy for visitors to get updates, information and reports from you, which keeps them coming back to your website for more.  Buyers and sellers only want what they want, when they want it and you give it to them.

You have optimized your call to action by offering your prospect free downloadable reports, videos or materials to assist them in buying, selling or renting a home.  And all you need from them, in order to give them access to this valuable information is: an email address. Once you have their email address, you are on your way to bridging the gap from prospect to sold client.

You aren´t just collecting leads, but growing them from a prospect into a client, long after other realtors have abandoned the opportunity. You do this by having a system that attracts, engages, nurtures and then converts leads into sales. You stay connected until that prospect is ready to make their buying or selling move: through your newsletters and blog subscriptions.

You use the  mobile friendly Best Real Estate Software, which integrates your social media channels into your site for engaging prospect activity. You can easily add your listings, while also taking advantage of other online real estate marketing tools.

The best real estate software has mobile friendly features, which help you acquire more customers and increase sales. When a visitor is able to easily navigate your pages, and the content is mobile friendly, you’ll be able to accommodate every visitor, whether they are mobile or desktop/laptop users. And best of all you increase the chance of converting website visitors into customers.

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