Best Real Estate Software - 5 steps to a Brilliant ‘About Us’ Page

Your Best Real Estate Software website´s "About us" page is likely to become one of the most useful pages on your website. It’s where new visitor go to learn more about your business; who you are, what you do and why you should handle their real estate transactions. Which in it´s turn makes it a lead generation tool.

Creating a stellar About Us page is more than writing a biography with an extended list of qualifications or cataloguing your biggest achievements and adding an iPhone selfie. And let´s face it, most About Us pages are boring and uninspiring. There are several steps you should take, to get the most benefit from this page that is so vital to your business.

Step 1: Be BOLD!

By making a big, bold opening statement, you peak and then hook your visitors´ interest. Consider touching on an emotion that you can help them with, like: “Isn´t it time to find the home of your DREAMS?” Or you could also give a mission statement -style declaration like: “We believe in finding the perfect property for our clients.” Whatever you choose, make it powerful. It should strongly connect with your visitors and leave them confident that they are with the right realtor.

Step 2:  What´s in it for me?

The truth is, your About Us page is more about your site visitors than it is about you. Your About Page is an interview. Just as you wouldn’t go into a job interview and offer a bunch of random info about yourself, you shouldn’t create an About Us page in this way, either. Your ultimate aim is to answer that all-important question that every visitor is asking themselves as they browse through your site: what´s in it for me?

Step 3: Who is your audience?

When the people visit your About Us Page, you want them to immediately realize that they are on the right site and that your real estate business is a “match” for THEM. So how do you go about doing that? Easy, you first tell them who your clients are and then tell them what you would yourself would want to know about a realtor. You do this by telling your visitors who you are by showing them what you can do for them or have done for others.

Step 4: Prove it!

Social media. Link to all the other places they can find you around the web. Giving concrete examples by having some mention of past successes, achievements, and social proof is really important. Anything that shows you as an expert, will help to build social proof and credibility.

Step 5:  Ready, Steady, Action!

When someone has just finished reading your (brilliant) About Us page, it’s time to take the last step with into something hugely important that most pages never include: a call to action. A call to action is something that encourages your visitors to (obviously) take action! Give them the opportunity to sign up for your newsletter or to receive the newest listings, by including an opt-in form.

The reason why your call to action is so important is because you want the person reading your About Us page to buy or rent a property from you. In order to do that they need to contact you, then and there, or be reminded to do so when it is more relevant for them. Asking them to subscribe in some way ensures that they’ll be reminded of your business every time they receive your newsletter.


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