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  • Plan selection
  • Subscriptions are invoiced biannually (per 6 months), the first invoice will include the one-time setup fee of 1500,00€. Prices are excluding the 21% IVA for residents of Spain.
  • Amount of properties*How many properties do you have?
    1000 or less (30,00€ / month)
    2000 or less (40,00€ / month)
    5000 or less (50,00€ / month)
  • Languages*First 3 free, 1 extra language for 150,00 € one time fee.
  • Add-ons*Please select any optional addons
    Availability calendar (+5,00€ / month)
  • Company details
  • First of all, we need your official company details. Please fill in all of the following fields as accurately as you can.
  • Full name*Name of contact person
  • Email address*Enter a valid email address we can reach you on
  • Company name*Official company name
  • Tax ID*International VAT or CIF number
  • Address*Full address of company
  • Postal code*Postal or ZIP code
  • City*City of residence
  • Province*Province or state
  • Country*Country of residence
  • Telephone*Please enter your local phone number
  • Mobile*Please enter a mobile number, if available
  • Coordinates*Please enter the coordinates in a latitude/longitude pair. This ensures a correct map of your office (for the Contact page). For example: 40.416775, -3.70379
  • Website details
  • Secondly, we need all of the information that is required for the installation and configuration of your new website.
  • Main color*Enter the main color to use throughout your website
  • Secondary color*Enter the color to use for accents throughout your website
  • Website title*The title for your website, your company name for example
  • Company name*The company name to display throughout the website - if different from title
  • Main domain name*Main domain name to use for your website, for example: yourdomain.com
  • Main email address*Main email address to use on your website, for example: info@yourdomain.com
  • Domain aliases*Would you like to point any other domain names to your website? List them here
  • Extra email addresses*Would you like any extra email addresses? List them here
  • Register and/or transfer*Would you like Bottle Post Media to register and/or transfer these domain names?
  • Transfer codes (EPP)*If you have any domain names that need to be transferred, please enter the EPP transfer codes here (not required for .ES domains)
  • Social media details
  • Facebook*Full URL to your Facebook Page (no personal profiles)
  • Twitter*Full URL to your Twitter profile
  • LinkedIn*Full URL to your LinkedIn company page (no personal profiles)
  • Skype*Please enter your Skype username
  • Google+ Company Page*Full URL to your Google+ Company Page (no personal profiles)
  • Google+ Author Page*Full URL to your personal Google+ profile, to use as author for the blog
  • Agent details
  • It is recommended that you supply us with agent details. It puts a box under each property with "Agent information", containing a profile picture and the agent's details such as name, telephone and email - it also helps greatly in gaining visitor trust.
  • Full name*Agent's full name to display
  • Email address*Agent's email address to display
  • Office telephone*Agent's office telephone number to display
  • Mobile telephone*Agent's mobile telephone number to display
  • Import details
  • If you would like us to import your properties from any XML feed(s), please include the URL(s) here.
  • Feed URL(s)*
  • Attachments
  • Please attach your company logo and a profile picture of the agent (optional). If no logo is provided, we will create a simple text logo that fits well with the website. You can also include any other files you think we will need.
  • Comments
  • If you have any comments or additional information, please include it in the box below.
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