Discover the Best Real Estate Software for Client Testimonials

At Best Real Estate Software we know that nothing is more effective than a positive third party description about your performance as a realtor, from someone who has previously done business with you. The key though is to effectively use those testimonials on your real estate website, to help earn the trust of potential clients.  


People selling a property want to work with a realtor they can trust. The more people you can get to say good things about you, the more clients you will get to sign on with your company. If nobody says anything about your services, clients will not believe in your service claims, and most probably won’t even think to hire you. This is a philosophy and concept that is also applied for marketing your services using testimonials. If you are an established realtor, who’s trustworthy, you should be able to prove this. That is where testimonials come in. 

Turn Current Clients into Future Testimonials

Set expectations for your current clients, ask them in advance before you close any deals that if the interaction meets or exceeds their expectations if they’d be willing to post a brief testimonial on your website. Almost always, they will say yes, and before you know it, you will have more testimonials for you to use.

Place Testimonials in Strategic Places

If you really want to use testimonials to convince people to hire you, you ought to place them strategically on your real estate website where visitors can find them. Testimonials need to be in viewable places on your website where you can see them easily. If you have testimonials compiled in buried pages in your navigation menu for instance, chances are that potential clients who’ve been looking for “who else says so” won’t find it. Once they leave your real estate website, you are never getting them back again. Home pages, the ‘About page’, sidebar widgets, and within the content of pages are perfect areas to place your testimonials.

Best Real Estate Software has feature options to help you post testimonials on your real estate website to help you earn the trust of potential clients. Request a demo today!

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