5 Steps to becoming a Best Real Estate Software Superstar

Most people go into real estate because they want to be their own boss, have control of their schedule and don’t want to be told what to do or how, and when to do it. They also want to be financially independent, or rich, which can be a bit trickier to realize than the other reasons.  Why do you think that 99% of realtors never become rich? Because they don´t do what it takes.

Your success is determined by these 5 things:

Decide where you want to go

Knowing where you want to go and getting there are two different things. What knowing where you want to go does, is create excitement and passion, which can lead to motivation. There are endless articles, books and blogs written about how to find your goals and how to put them into action.  A personal favorite is Tony Robbins´ book “Awaken the Giant within” (read it, it will pump you up!) but don´t worry I´m not going to wax philosophic about what I have read. What I am going to tell you is what I have learned, been able to put into practice and why I believe that with focus, passion and tenacity any goal is attainable.

Successful people have goals and they don’t just talk about these goals; they have them posted in their offices and review them daily. They then take action towards their goals and that is why it works for them. An example which illustrates the power of goal setting beautifully, is given by Tony Robbins in his book “Notes from a friend”. It reads:  “choosing a goal may only cause a slight change in your life´s direction at first. It´s like one of those huge freighters at sea: if the captain shifts course by just a few degrees, it won´t be noticeable immediately. But in several hours or days, this change in direction will bring the ship to a completely different destination.” Just imagine what you can accomplish if you take consistent, small steps towards your goals.

Do what it takes

There are only six things that lead you to a paycheck: lead generation, lead follow-up, pre-qualifying, presenting to buyers or sellers, negotiating and closing. There are a lot things realtors don’t like doing in real estate, such as lead follow-up, negotiating with difficult clients, prospecting expired listings, and the list goes on.  What that requires is focusing on what you need to be doing every day to accomplish your goals.

Lead generation

For the sake of your real estate business, your goal should be to consistently improve and expand ways to generate leads. 99 % of all realtors rely too heavily on too few sources.  We all know the tried and true advertising methods: radio and print advertising, internet marketing and pay-per-click, but there are so many more ways to advertise your business. You can promote yourself while also proving that you have a vested interest within the community, just an idea is being a sponsor for a neighborhood block party or sponsoring a donkey from the local donkey rescue (that is, if donkey´s are your thing) .  Successful realtors can tell you where their business comes from and how much they spend on each lead source in terms of time and money.

Follow up

Successful realtors are relentless with lead follow-up. They can tell you their top five prospects off the top of their head, what is motivating these buyers or sellers, and when their next appointment is. They are willing to do what it takes even when it might be more fun to go for a swim in a lake filled with piranhas.  Being your own boss can be a blessing and a curse. You don´t have anyone looking over your shoulder, telling you what to do, which means that there is no pressure to get the job done, or else.  When you are your own boss, you must be your own motivation too. Having the tenacity to do those things is what you need to do in order to be successful.

What works

We all know the famous retort given by Thomas Edison when asked how it felt to have failed 10.000 times before inventing a light bulb that did work. What would our world have looked like if at attempt 9999 he decided to give up? It is quite possible that a method to (let´s say) generate leads isn´t paying off. That´s fine! If something isn´t giving you the desired result, evaluate and then adjust. It´s the freight ship analogy, keep adjusting your course to get to where you want to go and eventually, you´ll get there.

I know it´s a cliché, but it is also a truth: a year from now you´ll wish you started today.  Action inspires motivation and as you read this, keep in mind that the goal is to take action. Even if a small step. Have a schedule and take it seriously and make sure that your schedule is based on activities that produce income. Start now by getting Best Real Estate Software, stay ahead of the competition, and set up that future income by the motivated efforts you put into it today.

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