The Best Mobile Responsive Real Estate Software

We believe that your real estate website should be simple for you to use and maintain. That’s why we created the best mobile responsive real estate software, on an easy to use platform, one that’s accessible to anyone interested in building an online marketing presence for their real estate business. You can spend less time working on your beautiful and functional real estate website, and more time working with prospects and clients.

Responsive design is a type of web design that results in optimal viewing on all screen types, across all devices. Responsive web design resizes and reformats your page content in response to screen size and resolution. Which means that your responsive website is one that looks good and performs well on all types of computers, tablets and smartphones:  so no separate mobile version required! So what are the benefits of responsive design for your real estate business?

Very User-Friendly

Website visitors prefer to use responsive websites because they get access to the same appearance, content and functions no matter which device they’re using. Consider the idea that a great deal of your prospective and potential buyers will start searching for a property on their laptop and then switch to their smartphones throughout the course of the day, it’s only logical to make sure they have the same experience from one screen to the other. Having a separate mobile site, one that usually has less content and different navigation, doesn’t make sense and indicates you´re behind the times. A responsive design that performs the same across all devices can increase your visitor retention.

Best for Search Engine Optimization

Search engines like Google recommend a responsive design configuration, and responsive websites are more likely to appear higher in search rankings than sites with mobile versions. Think about it: you have one responsive, mobile-friendly site, your competitor has to have two versions of their site, namely a standard URL and a mobile URL, which means that your single site will almost certainly be indexed faster by search engines.

Less Work

Although switching your site to a responsive design software may feel like a lot of work now, maintaining one site that works on all devices is a lot less work than maintaining multiple versions of your site in the long run. If you have updates or are running a promotion, all you have to do is edit your content once and it will appear correctly to all viewers, regardless of the type of device a prospect uses to access your site.

Are you ready to try a responsive design website? If you already have the best mobile responsive real estate software running your website, it means you’re ahead of your competition!

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