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Research has proven that people have a positive emotional response to certain words in conjunction to buying a property. So if the listing truthfully can be described by using any of the following words, it would be a great idea to do so. Here´s a tried and true list of the 7 most helpful words proven to increase sales prices which Best Real Estate Software has already translated into 8 languages for you:


“Beautiful” is the word most often used in describing a real estate listing, while this might make you hesitant to use it, you should reconsider: the word triggers the emotional  circuits in the brain, and the prospective buyer expects an aesthetically pleasing experience, the word beautiful, draws them in. And yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and not everyone likes paisley wallpaper (I know, it baffles my mind too), but we can all agree that a feature like beautiful hardwood floors is worth mentioning.  We are also programmed to expect to pay more for beautiful things.


Property described as “upgraded” sells for a better price than properties that are in a similar condition, but without the upgrading.  Most buyers will agree that upgrades are a selling point. It tells them a home not only looks good but also functions well. Be sure to indicating which features have been upgraded, that way your buyers have the right expectations.


Was the property recently remodeled? Let your buyers know! It indicates that something old has been replaced with something new. It’s in your favor to talk up the remodeled features in the listing, especially if it is in the lower price range. On average, bottom-tier listings with the word “remodel” sell better than middle-tier homes with the same feature.  The buyer feels like he is getting a special deal.


A newly tiled backsplash or updated bathroom tile not only indicates a home’s aesthetic value (the beautiful theory) but also sends a message to buyers that the home’s been well cared for by the current owners. Words that have the same effect are  stainless and granite. Granite is typically used to describe countertops or another high-end home feature, just like stainless (steel) implies expensive appliances.


You may think all homes are spotless when a buyer moves in, so it’s not worth mentioning in a listing. But when it comes to lower-priced homes, cleanliness isn’t always a given. In this price range, listings described as “spotless” sell better.


Impeccable provides a rich, more enticing description for buyers. It´s also less open to interpretation, because anything can be seen as perfect or nice, but impeccable implies an attention to detail and the quality of a home: namely the home is move-in ready.


It’s just as important to describe the garden as the house. No matter the property  price bracket, listings with the word “landscaped” sell for about 5% more than the real estate in the same bracket. Added garden features like pergola help the listing stand out.

Best Real Estate Software is entirely multilingual and has already been translated into 8 languages, which makes life easier and your client base wider. Request a demo and let us show you what  best real estate software can do for you.

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