The Best Real Estate Software for a Great First Impression

Real estate is a arguably one of the best businesses to be in: besides the obvious reasons of making money, you get to assist people in finding a place where they will live their lives, or run a business. Most buyers begin the search for real estate online, which means that in today’s market you need a strong online presence. You work hard and your mobile-friendly real estate website should do the same for you. We are sure you´ve thought about how to get the most out of each listing you post. You´re not alone, we´ve got the Best Real Estate Sofware for making a great first impression!

Research has shown that more than 95% of visitors, view the first photo of a real estate listing, for a total of 20 seconds, which is more than double the time that they spend viewing any other photo. By using eye-tracking technology, researchers have been able to study the viewing patterns of website visitors while looking at online listings. So based on this information: how do you make sure that every property has the maximum impact?

Step 1: Curb Appeal

Because website visitors spend twice the amount of time looking at the first photo, it should be of the front of the house. If the front of the house does not look appealing or at least have potential, often your visitor’s won´t bother looking at any more images. Beautiful images make a powerful impression, so make them shine. Take the best possible picture and use it as the lead photo for your listing.  You know you’ve achieved great curb appeal when the outside of the listing is inviting enough that a prospective buyer will want to see images of the interior of the home. Great curb appeal will not only help you sell your listings, but it can help the value as well.

Step 2: Choose your words wisely

Certain words can hurt the sales price of your home, according to new data. After viewing the first photo, visitors moved on to the property description to find out details to see if the home meets their basic criteria. Be careful what write in the description:  using words like “investment”, “discount” or “bargain” has proven to negatively impact the final sale. As human beings we’re unfortunately hardwired to think the opposite as we hear bargain or discount when it relates to a property.  Research has shown that terms such as “good buy” is in direct correlation to a price cut of about 5 percent. While a listing from a “motivated” seller, on average takes longer to sell.

Step 3: Make Use of Local Images

In many ways, you’re not just selling a house, you’re selling a whole town or area. Show the best that your area has to offer, with high-quality, beautiful photos of local town landmarks and familiar sites. Keep your remarks short and sweet. Focus on the neighborhood and the lifestyle surrounding the listing, rather than the features that are already visible in the photos. If the listing looks and sounds appealing, you’re that much closer to scheduling a showing and making a sale. 

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