Awesome Photography Tips from the Best Real Estate Software

Buyers are attracted to quality visuals, and sellers like to know that their real estate agent is placing their property in the best possible light by using great real estate pictures.  

And because it is so easy to upload, import and export real estate pictures with the Best Real Estate Software, it can be a big advantage for you to possess the know-how to create listing photos that market a property to a high standard. Now you might think that you need to put on yet another hat, this time of professional photographer, but it isn´t as hard as it sounds. Looking like a pro has a lot to do with knowing a few tricks of the trade, and which resources to use.

Here are the (AWESOME) photography tips from the Best Real Estate Software Team

1. These days all you really need is a single device with which you can create both high-quality photo and video that handle just about any job. And if you’ve decided to go out and purchase a new camera, great! Just be aware that you iPhone can probably handle the job as well. iPhones have an autofocus feature that is easy to use: simply place your finger on the screen to tell your camera where to focus. It will simultaneously set exposure (lighting) to suit that area.

2. No matter what type of camera you decide to use, start by creating a ‘shot list’ a list of every picture you need to take of the property. This way you won´t forget a shot and have to go back to the property.

3. Most computer monitors have a horizontal scale which is a good opportunity to take pictures in a landscaped orientation, rather than in a vertical, portrait style. When photographed in landscape, rooms will appear larger and airier as well. If you are using your iPhone, Grid is a feature that provides a grid of horizontal and vertical lines over the display screen. Grid is especially helpful when photographing properties because it assists you in making sure that your picture is level. To turn on grid, tap the Options button at the top of your screen and toggle Grid to On.

RESOURCES They have a good section with tips and tricks just for realtors who are looking for guidance in taking better pictures. It is worth reading their guide to getting started. This website is real estate focused, so the techniques discussed are completely relevant. The blog has been around for a very long time so it has a lot of information and can become a bit tricky if you are doing a specific search. Go to and take a look.

Popular Photography Though a little more on the advanced side, Pop Photo has created a valuable “how to” section for people looking to go to the next level in their picture taking. Popular Photography is not real estate focused, but there are numerous tips and tricks that will contribute to any field. Have a look:  .

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