The Best Real Estate Software for Lead Conversion

Whether you´ve been in the real estate game since cave dwelling was the hip way to live or you´re a newbie, one thing we all know is, that in today´s real estate market you need an inviting, user friendly real estate website that converts visitors into leads for your business. So here you are: you’ve got the perfect Best Real Estate Software website for your property listings; your layout is user friendly, the colours are appealing, seriously: your property pictures practically sell the homes for you!

Yet there are a few questions that you need to ask yourself if you want your website to be a lead conversion machine. Such as: have you made it easy for your customers to reach you when they’ve found a property they like? Is it easy for them to ask you questions? How do you know what kind of leads you really need? And how do you know what percentage of your visitors convert to incoming leads? So let´s talk about 4 easy ways to turn your real estate website into a Property Selling Machine: 

Step 1: Creating a robust Customer Profile

The first step in building anything effective is making sure your foundation is solid, and that you have all the materials necessary to carry out your plan. For real estate lead generation, this solid foundation comes from a robust customer profile, which means understanding who your ideal customers are and what they care about. Are your customers young urbanites that prefer to contact you through your website, chat or email? Or are you targeting a more senior conservative clientele that prefers to call? Think about it: Crafting the actual message is the easy part; the challenge lies in sifting through the thousands or millions of people visiting your website and then tailoring to those visitors that will actually make a purchase.

 Step 2: Make it easy

Your second step to getting more site visitors to contact you is to make your information readily available. Unfortunately, many companies fall short, spending their time on a great marketing messages and pictures, but leaving visitors without a clear next step or an easy way to get in touch. Research has shown that using a descriptive call to action, and making contact info clearly displayed on your website increases the number of visitors who will contact you, which of course increases your lead conversion rate.

The Best Real Estate Software gives you multiple ways for a visitor to get in touch with you. Some people prefer to send an email, while others would rather call, so displaying both your email address and phone number is a must. Having a chat window on your site and allowing customers to chat with you, the moment they want to schedule a viewing or have a question is a great way to convert visitors into leads in real-time. Placement is also important: your contact information won’t do you much good if you only put it in a part of your site most people don’t see: place your contact details somewhere noticeable!

Step 3: Optimize

Okay, so what do you do if your contact information is already easy to find, but you’re conversion is not what you want it to be? The answer is to optimize your call to action. Yes, of course saying “contact us” is fine, but we both know you can come up with something better. The more evocative the call to action, the better! Why? Because buying a home involves making a lot of choices, so what you want to do is: make it easier for your customers by making the smaller decisions for them. You want to guide your visitors through the sales process. You do this by using your call to action to tell them why they’re contacting you, and by telling them what type of action you want them to take: “Call today to find your dream home!” or “Ask our chat operator to schedule a viewing!”. It all depends on what best suits your business and moves you closer to your ultimate goal of selling homes.

Step 4: Do

Your Best Real Estate Software has a contact form built into your site and also in your online listings. This helps you generate more leads because you are doing as much of the work for your visitors as possible. Often having to take extra steps, such as having to open their email account, composing a new message, or entering an email address, works as a deterrent because visitors have to take an extra step. With the Best Real Estate Software your visitors have an easy on-page way to send their contact information to you and ask any questions that they might have. You can also track your lead conversion rate by comparing the number of website visits, to the number of people that actual contact you.

The Best Real Estate Software gives you all the tools to turn your website into a lead conversion machine, by makes it easy and inviting for your customers to contact you.

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